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need your house cleaned spick n span - Millstadt, Illinois IL

I will guarantee after I clean your home u will love it and ...u will not need to look any further for an outstanding house cleaning....  Contact

Reliable and Professional Housekeeping - Gainesville, Florida FL

I am a reliable and Professional housekeeper who would love to work for you.  Contact

packing and organizing - Nacogdoches, Texas TX

Looking for a zealous organizer for 3 bedroom home. Many articles of clothing and cleaning involved.  Contact

Experienced Housekeeper Available - Glendale, New York NY

I am an experienced House/Apartment cleaner. Trustworthy, Responsible and Reliable. Rates: $20 per hour 2 hour minimum. Rates negotiable.  Contact

Girl Friday for hire available immediately - La Jolla, California CA

I looked around my house one day and decided that I needed a housekeeper. I started thinking about how I could provide housekeeping services and then decided to become a housekeeper. I made a list of all of the things that I have to do during the course of the day and then realized that I needed an errand running service. My list consisted of running errands for groceries and dry cleaning, washing my car and cooking dinner. I spend four hours a day just doing these things. I decided that I would run an ad for someone who needed administrative help as well as housekeeping. I thought that I would use my administrative skills for anyone who needed typing. I thought that I would seek a single male who who needs administrative help and help around the house. I can cook if I follow a receipe and it's usually good. When I clean my house I usually take about 2 hrs to clean my a one bedroom apartment. A larger house will take about 4 hrs depending on how many bedrooms there are. I can provide vacuuming, dusting, dish washing and even preparing dinner if necessary. I call myself a Girl Friday proudly and prefer administrative work and running errands. Darlene  Contact

Home Cleaner - Bay Minette, Alabama AL

Clean with satisfactory 45yrs of experience.  Contact

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5 Things To Know Before Hiring House Cleaners

As with any service or product you purchase, there are a variety of factors to consider when selecting house cleaners. It is important to familiarize yourself with these factors so that you make the best choice possible for your house cleaning needs. There are many house cleaners serving practically every geographic market; therefore the consumer needs to know how to select the one that will be the best in every way!

Not All House Cleaners are Created Equal

While essentially house cleaners are performing a service that most people have the capacity to do themselves, not all companies are created equal. Some house cleaners are extremely fast and thorough, while others are fast but tend to be less than thorough. Still other house cleaners take their time because they charge by the hour. Therefore you need to check into the reputation of house cleaners before you hire them to be sure you are not getting a less than stellar company. Asking around will provide you with information in some cases. An online search should also provide you with details on house cleaners you are considering using.

Not All House Cleaners Charge the Same Rates

It is important to shop around for the best rates when looking to hire house cleaners. Just remember that the lowest price is usually not the best service. Compare prices, reputation and availability before you choose the house cleaners you will use.

Not All House Cleaners are Trustworthy

Take the time to check into the background of any house cleaners you choose to use. They should be licensed and bonded in order to protect themselves and you. While it is easy to start a house cleaning service, only established, reliable house cleaners will have the protection you should require them to carry.

Not All House Cleaners are Actually Experienced

When the economy is tight, more and more people, both honest and dishonest venture into the field of self-employment. Many of the house cleaners advertised out there are individuals who are out of work and in need of any income they can get. The big drawbacks are that they lack the experience necessary to work expediently; they lack important tools; and the skills needed for certain types of cleaning. Look for house cleaners with experience.

Use Only Trustworthy Industry Specific Websites to Find House Cleaners

Finding trustworthy, quality house cleaners is made easier by specialty websites which offer classified listings tailored to housekeeping help only. Such sites allow you to do a geographic search, choose from different types of services and more. You will also have a much better chance of not stumbling onto fly-by-night house cleaners.

Do your homework when you hire house cleaners. By doing so, you will be protecting your home, your belongings and your investment. Hiring house cleaners can be practically a present to yourself or it can turn into a nightmare. Be as prudent as you would be in hiring any other type of service provider. Be sure the house cleaners prove themselves worthy before they start working. Find and Hire the best House Cleaners
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